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Research Project on Aphasia Training Software

Research Project on Aphasia Training Software
Published: Jun 19, 2007

A team from the Hungarian University of Veszprém has developed Aphasia training software to support patients in learning everyday words. The software can also be useful for children with severe mental disabilities, according to the research team.

Aphasia is an impairment of language affecting the production or comprehension of speech and the ability to read or write. The most common cause of aphasia is acquired aphasia, affecting 23–40 % of stroke survivors. The rehabilitation of aphasia is a medical, specialized treatment (speech therapy), which is the task of a psychologist.

The software package contains two programs. The first program was developed in Flash, the second in Macromedia Director. The goal of the software is to teach the most important everyday words.

The research reports states that “one result of the first tests done was that the software is a useful device not only in the education of aphasics but heavy mental deficient children too. Moreover, both the children and the teachers can use it easily. Considering the advice of the teachers helping us during the program development, the children need some motivating animation and reassurance on the right answer and increasing their interest for the oncoming items and adults do not require such motivating exercises or tasks.”

Image of a bathroom with simple assignment (click clock on the wall).

Aphasia patients that used the software and had difficulties in naming objects managed to get through levels 1-3 easily. At the 4th level, naming of the objects, especially in case of long words, required more time than at the previous ones.

The results of the research team of University of Veszprém can help other projects worldwide in development of Aphasia training and rehabilitation software.


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