Friday, July 17, 2009

Aphasia and text writing.

Background: Good writing skills are needed in almost every aspect of life today, and there is a growing interest in research into acquired writing difficulties. Most of the findings reported so far, however, are based on words produced in isolation. The present study deals with the production of entire texts. Aims: The aim was to characterize written narratives produced by a group of participants with aphasia. Methods & Procedures: Eight persons aged 28-63 years with aphasia took part in the study. They were compared Next...


erin said...

This is good knowledge. The impact on the structure and coherence is in line with earlier findings of the analysis of spoken and written discourse and the implication is that the written form must also be included in language rehabilitation.
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nosesurgery said...

Overall structure and coherence of the impact is from the spoken and written words and suggesting that the previous analysis of the survey, the bank should also be written in the language rehabilitation.
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