Wednesday, August 18, 2010

So, what happens,than, when formal therapy ends? Does recovery of speech also end?

Recovering Speech After Stroke...How To Continue Practice When Therapy Ends..

Stroke remains a leading cause of death and disability in the United States and elsewhere. If there is speech and language loss (aphasia) due to the the stroke, speech therapy will often begin in the hospital, or within days of symptoms occurring. Speech therapy may be provided on a daily basis in the early weeks and months while an individual is participating in rehabilitation, with growing evidence that this early speech therapy treatment may take advantage of the brain's spontaneous healing process, helping with the recovery of injured areas.




chris said...


mybe my aphasia speech program can be of interest for you.

I designed the Aphasia Speechlearn Programm Revivo 2 years ago in German.

A close friend had a stroke, and the 2 weekly hours of speechtherapy did not help much. More practice was needed.

So i got together with his therapist and took videos of phonemes, words, verbs etc.

As my friend is now 76, progress was slow, but it worked!

Whenever friends come, or he is alone and bored, he works and plays with Revivo. It seems to give him a lot of pleasure.

As the program is a success with german aphasia rehab, i wanted also to organize the english and american version with native professional speakers.

The programs are out now:

On the website a 10 day trial version can be downloaded for testing.

The programm costs US$ 59 (38 GBP)

Kind regards

Christoph Silex

dale said...

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