Sunday, September 25, 2011

Faith, family, friends aid White in stroke recovery effort

Faith, family, friends help White in stroke recovry effort
Occupational therapist Angela Newton, left, and physical therapist Cassidy Carter, assist Sam White, a stroke victim, in demonstrating one the strengthening techniques they use during therapy at HealthSouth Rehabilitation Hospital to help him regain the use of his right arm. White undergoes out-patient therapy twice a week at the Dothan facility.

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Thursday, May 31, started out as any other day for farmer Sam White. He had cattle and other chores to tend to keep his farm running smoothly. Shortly after he finished lunch, White headed to the mailbox in front of his house to retrieve his mail. On his trip back to his house, White received a phone call on his cell phone. He completed the call just before a funny feeling came over him. He only had a few steps to go to make it back into his house. He thought he could make it; he didn’t.
“I had to grab a five-foot chain-link fence to keep from falling,” White, 58, said as he recalled the events of that day in May. “I walked from the fence to the third doorstep and sat down. I started to go up to the next step, but I slipped down to the one below. That’s when I knew I really needed help.”....